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Top 5 best hotels and resorts in Sapa

Sapa is an attractive destination in all four seasons for many domestic and foreign tourists. It is great to be able to visit all the attractive destinations of Sapa and enjoy relaxing moments in luxurious and beautiful resorts. Here are 5 best hotels and resorts in Sapa.

1. Topas Ecolodge


Located about an hour drive from Sapa town center, Topas Ecolodge is located at an excellent location inside Lach Village, overlooking the majestic Hoang Lien Mountains.

Topas Ecolodge
Topas Ecolodge

What are there in Topas Ecolodge?

The resort consists of 25 bungalows set amidst a green hill in the middle of terraced fields, possessing a beautiful clouded landscape.

The space of Topas Ecolodge seems to bring visitors into a world completely different from the hustle and bustle of urban life. There is only beautiful and majestic natural beauty, life at Topas Ecolodge is slow and full of interesting surprises to discover.

The road that leads to the foot of the mountain is covered with rock, the two sides are rice terraces.

From the bungalows of Topas Ecolodge, visitors can admire the romantic Muong Hoa Valley, the green terraced fields in the summer or golden every fall. You can also admire a little spring winding around the foot of the mountain runs towards the sky of Sapa…

Topas Ecolodge
The romantic Muong Hoa valley view from Topas Ecolodge
Topas Ecolodge
The view of Sapa from Topas Ecolodge
Topas Ecolodge
The interior is entirely made of natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, stone … It’s a cozy, romantic space yet simple and rustic

All villas at Topas Ecolodge feature white granite walls, palm-leaf roofing. No fridges, TVs, no wifi, no computers, no electric lights, just some lights on stone paved walkways. Here, only human with nature. Topas Ecolodge is so peaceful that people can hear the sound of water mists, birds calling each other, murmuring streams.

At Topas Ecolodge, there is an infinity pool with amazing view of the valley below. Everyone wouldn’t want to miss to take a dip in the blue water of this unique pool.

Topas Ecolodge
The infinity pool

The pool is located amongst terraced fields, in the main area of the resort, just some steps from the spa and bar. Topas Ecolodge’s room rates range from 3,400,000 per room per night. During peak periods, room rates may be higher.

2. Amazing Sapa Hotel – A dreamlike resort in Sapa


Located in the heart of the beautiful Sapa town, Amazing Sapa Hotel attracts and lures visitors by its beautiful natural landscape surrounded by beautiful views. It’s a 4-star hotel with modern architecture.

Amazing Sapa Hotel
Amazing Sapa Hotel

What are there in Amazing Sapa Hotel?

Being surrounded by beautiful nature, most of the rooms of the Amazing Sapa offer a scenic view. Just from your bedroom, visitors can admire the beauty of Sapa.

Amazing Hotel Sapa
BBQ party at Amazing Sapa is full of delicious food

Amazing Sapa is one of the rare hotels in Sapa with all modern amenities. It has a professional gym, swimming pool in the attic, karaoke room for ultra-modern entertainment, a restaurant with balconies overlooking the hill.

Amazing Hotel Sapa
Gymnasium with full of modern equipment for visitors to exercise comfortably

Situated in the center of the town, from Amazing Sapa visitors can come to visit some famous tourist attractions in Sapa like Cat Cat Village, Sapa stone church, Ham Rong Mountain, Fansipan cable car …

Amazing Hotel Sapa
Romantic and cozy…

Amazing Sapa room rates range from 2,400,000 to 4,000,000 / 1 double room / 1 night, depending on the type of room. For reservations on special occasions, room rates range from 2,000,000 – 3,500,000 VND per room per night.

3. Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa – Sapa luxury resort


Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa is the first hotel in Sapa, the most luxurious resort in Sapa. Owning an extremely favorable location, in the center of Sapa town, the resort is wide with airy space and surrounded by green terraced fields and green mountains hidden in the thick clouds.

Victoria Sapa Resort
Victoria Sapa Resort

What are there at Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa?

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa impresses visitors from the very first time with its unique design. It is a harmonious combination of stone and wood that make the space of Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa extremely artistic but still very cozy.

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa
A double room with the cozy atmosphere at Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa

Among the many hotels in Sapa, Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa is the most spacious and beautiful hotel in Sapa. From the hotel, visitors can see the entire town of Sapa and green terraces. The hotel has a spacious campus so that families and groups can have fun, organize parties, BBQ outside.

In each room, there are ancient fireplaces made of stone, burned with wood which suits very much with the cold weather of Sapa. The indoor pool is the most favorite thing in this resort for many visitors, especially foreigners. The pool also has dedicated children’s area.

The room rates of Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa range from about 2,000,000 VND / 1 night / 1 room. The prices may be also higher during peak season.

4. U Sapa Hotel – a Western-architecture hotel in the heart of the mountain town


Located in Cau May Street, the most crowded city in Sapa, U Sapa Hotel is a harmonious blend of ancient French architecture with that of local. U Sapa is an excellent choice for Sapa travelers when they can enjoy the beautiful view of Sapa and enjoy the modern comforts of a luxury hotel.

U Sapa Hotel
U Sapa – a European-standard hotel in the heart of Sapa

What are there at U Sapa?

U Sapa Hotel is designed with sophistication and meticulously French architecture.

U Sapa Hotel
The hotel’s lobby is simply decorated yet luxurious and warm

The front of the hotel overlooking the Sapa stone church and the whole Cau May street. From the rooms of the hotel, guests can have a wonderful view of Sapa. Just step out of the balcony you can easily see the stream flowing down Cau May street, and the mountains hidden in clouds far away.

The services of U Sapa Hotel are very professional, especially the restaurant has a lot of good food. If you come at the weekend, U Sapa Hotel’s restaurant also offers delicious barbecues in the hotel balcony, which is sure to be a memorable experience.

U Sapa Hotel
An outdoor barbecue with lots of delicious food of U Sapa

Owing to the convenient location, visitors staying at U Sapa Hotel will easily visit the famous tourist spots of the town. Sapa is only 200 meters from Ham Rong Mountain, 100 meters from Sapa Rock Church, 600 meters from Sapa Lake and about 7 kilometers from Fansipan. This is definitely the hotel that owns the most ideal location if you want to stay near the tourist attractions in Sapa.

A double bedroom with an extremely beautiful view balcony

Room rates at U Sapa Hotel range from 1.500.000d / night / 1 room.

5. Sapa Jade Hill Resort


Located in both Lao Chai village and Lao Chai village, Sapa Jade Hill Resort is a complex of lovely houses located on a hill. This is an ideal place to make a perfect holiday in Sapa.

Sapa Jade Hill Resort
Sapa Jade Hill Resort

What are there at Sapa Jade Hill Resort?

Staying at Sapa Jade Hill Resort will never make visitors feel boring. There are many villas for visitors to choose from such as garden plum villas, mountain villas, duplex villas, villas overlooking the Muong Hoa valley. The duplex villa is suitable for families or groups of friends because it offers spacious space with greenery and spacious garden.

Mountain Villas are the most harmonious place to stay as they’re surrounded by primeval forest.

If you want to wake up in early morning mist on the steep green stairs, the villa overlooking Muong Hoa valley is the optimal choice. If you want to stay in a rustic house, palm leaf roofs and leaves are sure to be a fun experience.

Plum garden villa overlooking a garden with plum trees blooming white when spring comes and offers fruit pods each summer.

Sapa Jade Hill Resort
Sapa Jade Hill Resort

Room rates of villas range from 3 million to 5 million VND per night, it’s not cheap but many visitors prefer to stay here for its convenience and beauty.

At Sapa Jade Hill Resort, you will wake up to the beautiful mountain scene surrounded by clouds and early fog.

If you have a chance to visit Sapa, a stay at one of these 5 most beautiful resorts and hotels in Sapa is a must experience. Surely you’ll have a wonderful trip in this mountainous town. See Sapa travel guide.

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